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At Windermere Nannies, we do not employ but rather act as representatives on behalf of the Nannies and Families we serve. Your Nanny is considered your household employee. We require our nannies to be legally employed, submit a W2, and be paid on payroll. We've partnered with the leading domestic payroll companies to take the guesswork and stress out of employing your Nanny.

To get started please review the information at our partners' site - while we can recommend multiple solutions, this will be a good start to understanding the costs associated with having a home employee:

1. Nanny Payroll Calculator:

2. Homepay Payroll Service Information:

Nannies are professionals who play a valuable role in supporting families and we support their fair and legal pay.


All of our placements begin at $3500. The final fee will be based on the scope of requirements and skillsets requested of your ideal candidate. This will be discussed in our initial consultation call.

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