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Our agency works to find the perfect professional caregiver for your family. We start with a registration form, the signing of our placement agreement, and a registration fee of $300. This can be done below. We then schedule a discovery call to ensure we have your file completely up to date. During this stage, we aim to ensure that we are clear on your family's needs. Our agency then sends out a welcome packet that is very helpful when conducting interviews and navigating taxes and payroll, along with much more useful information. 

From here our agency hits the ground running. We add your job to our job board for our current heavily vetted nannies to review. If there are no candidates in our files that meet your needs perfectly, we begin the vetting process to find your unicorn nanny.

This process in its entirety can take anywhere from 4-6 weeksWe would never want to give false expectations. So please keep this in mind when you have us begin the search. Your communication is also key to ensuring we stay within this timeline. Our goal is to connect long-lasting successful placements and this timeline ensures we do so. 

Our motto is that you should find your dream nanny by the third candidate we send. This is how hard we work on the back end to meet your requirements. 

Once you interview and decide on the nanny you would like to employ. Our agency works with you to build an agreement to lay out your compensation, schedule, expectations, and more. 

Upon completion, the placement is SIGNED, SEALED, AND DELIVERED! 

Our comprehensive nanny packages encompass a multitude of features to make your search easier.

Our online application process, phone interviews, resume review, and in-depth reference checks are just the start. Additional components include a background check system with infant/child CPR and First Aid Training/Certification, Federal Criminal Search, Truscreen (1 year) Statewide Criminal Search, Truscreen (7 years) County Criminal Search, MVR search, National/ Sex Offender/ OFAC search and 10 Panel Urine Drug Screen among other detailed searches. For added security, we also provide Social Media Screen​ and Replacement Guarantee from Agency​ plus support as required. 

Professionally written agreements along with tax and payroll guidance are provided for your convenience; this includes educational materials on how to become a professional nanny employer. We also offer our clients discounted RayzKidz membership!

Tell us about what you're looking for.

Please list each child/child’s name, age, gender, allergies, special needs, specific interest, hobbies, and personality traits.

Child #1

We have 4-hour minimums for our nannies. They must be employed for 4 hours each day/time they work.

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